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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Environmental Project.

Deep sea oil drilling

We have to chose whether we stop deep sea drilling or not but if we don’t it may become a lot harder for people to live.

People thought that oil was going to last forever, but they thought wrong.

The oil that was once easy to reach is running out and now we are having to search and destroy our earth for oil, and after we have drained every last drop of oil from our earth what will we do then?

I think that deep sea oil drilling needs to stop.
We are damaging our beautiful earth and in the end we are going to run out of oil anyway.
I think if we stopped deep sea oil drilling our oceans would be clean and healthy for the plants and animals.

what risks are there from deep sea oil drilling?
If oil is completely gone the temperature is said to rise 6 degrees globally and it would become harder to live; the climate change can also cause droughts, storms and food shortages.
Deep sea oil drilling happens close by the endangered Maui's dolphins habitats.

what could we do instead of drilling for oil?
Instead of drilling for oil we could use natural resources like the wind, water and the sun.

How safe is deep sea oil drilling?
Deep sea drilling has had a 99.999 safety record since 1975.
3.6million barrels of oil spilt in 1970 in the 90s 500,000 barrels of oil was spilt.
no less than one oil spill occurs a year with about 1,000 barrels of oil.
Deep sea oil drilling can cause oil spills which damage New Zealand's seas.

Air guns are used for the first step of deep sea drilling.
You can hear the booms from the airguns 100km away.

I think deep sea oil drilling stops or is at least improved so that our seas and sea creatures will be healthy.

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by Alyssa

Thursday, 23 July 2015

what makes me me

Wishes to help people that are less fortunate than us.
Dreams of changing the world.
Wants to be an artist.
Wonders about what it would be like if we didn’t have the things that we have today.
Enjoys playing the guitar, loves chocolate and likes to draw.
Afraid of spiders .
Believes she can do anything that she puts her mind to.
Treasures her family and friends.
Plans to challenge herself by drawing something really hard.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Happy Child

I am happy in the morning and happy when I go to bed.
But does my happiness make others smile or will a frown spread?
I seem to catch my happiness but others frown instead.

All bright and happy things appear behind my front door,
and with a friendly
happy smile we walk outside to explore.
But do not worry, do not fear; the happiness does not stop there.
Minions and butterflies and unicorns and rainbow skies.
All these happy exciting things make you want to happily sing.

An opposite poem I wrote from The Haunted Child.

By Alyssa

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Blitz

It was just another normal day in Britain, at least that's what they thought.
Suddenly the sky became dark, next thing you know the city alarm went off.
This was not a drill or a practice.
The deafening alarm went on and on everyone was frightened.

All lights were turned off and everyone were hiding under tables,chairs,beds and closets waiting for the bombing to stop and the sirens to stop screaming but it didn't.
Bombs kept being dropped and the planes flew low over the buildings.

Finally what felt like forever come to an end.
Houses were no longer standing,broken wood and smashed bricks were scattered across the ground like puzzle pieces that cant be solved.

Many family members were gone,the city was empty but the survivers still had more to come.
Night after night they were being bombed, day after day more buildings destroyed, more people had died until they would surrender.

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?   de0fo9kikik

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My book reveiw


Auther Beverley Naidoo
As thier baby sister Dineo is very sick and needs their mum, Naledi and Tiro set off on foot for a long, hot, 3oo miles away jouney to Jo'burg  where their mother works as a maid and gets only little amount of money.
On the way the brother and sister get some help and also make good friends.
I like this book because it teaches you that no matter what culture you are we are all special and this teaches you to never give up.
The one thing I did not like about this story is how the white people treated the black people.
I would rate this book 9/10 because it makes you want to read more and its a true story.
I would recommend this book to ten year olds and up
Book reveiw written by Alyssa

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A world with peace

Whats the point in war and fighting ?
Why cant we realise what we are doing ?
Why are we all created the same way but yet we fight ?

When you realise it some of these questions can be quite scary and they make you think how stupid we are all acting .
I think that we should all start to improve and stop what the whole world is doing and bring peace back to the world like it was at the very start .
We do not need to be afraid of one another so put down your weapons and give a smile .
We don't need to fight for land we can share and be the friends we were supposed to be .
We need to help one another and work together to put peace into the world and make it a better place .
When you realise it its actually really easy to make the world peaceful.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guitar Research

My guitar research
The guitar is my favourite instrument and I bet you will like it after I read this.

Guitar History
Gaetano Vinaccia invented the first ever guitar and Gaetano family were also known for crafting mandolins but Gaetano wanted to try something new.  The first ever guitar was very small and it only had four strings just like a ukulele.  The guitar originated in Spain and became popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.  What really amazed me was that the guitar has been played for at least 3,000 years!  The oldest surviving guitar-like instrument was found in Ancient Egypt.

Back in the days rock bands and other bands used at least three or more guitars just for the different tune!

About the Guitar
The first thing you need to know before you go and play a guitar are the different parts:  The head also known as the head stock, the tuners, the nut, the neck, fret board, frets, body, the sound hole, the bridge and last but not least the strings the things that make the music all happen.

The tuning of the guitar
Why should we have to tune the guitar?  If you don’t tune the guitar the strings will get too lose and they will sound too deep or too high.  The strings will react to the temperature of a room. If you tuned the guitar in a warm room and went outside and it was cold the guitar would slightly untune so then you would have to tune again.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about the guitar - there's a lot more to it than strumming.

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