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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Environmental Project.

Deep sea oil drilling

We have to chose whether we stop deep sea drilling or not but if we don’t it may become a lot harder for people to live.

People thought that oil was going to last forever, but they thought wrong.

The oil that was once easy to reach is running out and now we are having to search and destroy our earth for oil, and after we have drained every last drop of oil from our earth what will we do then?

I think that deep sea oil drilling needs to stop.
We are damaging our beautiful earth and in the end we are going to run out of oil anyway.
I think if we stopped deep sea oil drilling our oceans would be clean and healthy for the plants and animals.

what risks are there from deep sea oil drilling?
If oil is completely gone the temperature is said to rise 6 degrees globally and it would become harder to live; the climate change can also cause droughts, storms and food shortages.
Deep sea oil drilling happens close by the endangered Maui's dolphins habitats.

what could we do instead of drilling for oil?
Instead of drilling for oil we could use natural resources like the wind, water and the sun.

How safe is deep sea oil drilling?
Deep sea drilling has had a 99.999 safety record since 1975.
3.6million barrels of oil spilt in 1970 in the 90s 500,000 barrels of oil was spilt.
no less than one oil spill occurs a year with about 1,000 barrels of oil.
Deep sea oil drilling can cause oil spills which damage New Zealand's seas.

Air guns are used for the first step of deep sea drilling.
You can hear the booms from the airguns 100km away.

I think deep sea oil drilling stops or is at least improved so that our seas and sea creatures will be healthy.

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by Alyssa

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