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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Blitz

It was just another normal day in Britain, at least that's what they thought.
Suddenly the sky became dark, next thing you know the city alarm went off.
This was not a drill or a practice.
The deafening alarm went on and on everyone was frightened.

All lights were turned off and everyone were hiding under tables,chairs,beds and closets waiting for the bombing to stop and the sirens to stop screaming but it didn't.
Bombs kept being dropped and the planes flew low over the buildings.

Finally what felt like forever come to an end.
Houses were no longer standing,broken wood and smashed bricks were scattered across the ground like puzzle pieces that cant be solved.

Many family members were gone,the city was empty but the survivers still had more to come.
Night after night they were being bombed, day after day more buildings destroyed, more people had died until they would surrender.

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?   de0fo9kikik


  1. Very powerful, vivid writing, Alyssa - I can picture the chaos and the fear. You have captured the feelings of the moment perfectly.

  2. Well done Alyssa. It is indeed a vividly descriptive piece of writing. I am looking forward to you sharing more writing with us on your blog.

  3. cool story Alyssa!